Delicious Italian in a Cosy Environment

I love it when you stumble over a new restaurant that manages to somehow achieve all the factors that go into making a fabulous restaurant – good food, good service, charming atmosphere and, (when you’re earning my wage), is also reasonably priced. Recently i found just that when i chose to meet up with a … Continue reading

Trader Joes Makes a Mean Hash!

I love Trader Joes. I’m probably not the first person to say that and i doubt i’ll be the last, but i love them. As a business, they have it sorted – great food, great prices and GREAT staff. I’m not sure how they manage to pull everything together so well – i mean, how … Continue reading

Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch – Mars Bar (aka Milky Way Bar) Slice

The Bogan has a sweet tooth and had been at me for ages, bugging me to make a “chocolatey, caramelly slice” – as he put it. The Bogan didn’t actually have anything in mind, just that he wanted chocolate and caramel in the same slice. Caramel slice would have been the obvious choice – with … Continue reading