Delicious Italian in a Cosy Environment

I love it when you stumble over a new restaurant that manages to somehow achieve all the factors that go into making a fabulous restaurant – good food, good service, charming atmosphere and, (when you’re earning my wage), is also reasonably priced. Recently i found just that when i chose to meet up with a some friends and the Bogan for dinner, before a movie at the Sunshine Cinema in East Village. The little place we ended up at i randomly selected after doing a Google search for Italian fare in the area – i figure Italian usually fits everyone’s tastes. So we found ourselves at Supper and it was perfect – ticked all 4 boxes, and more!

When we arrived, we started with a drink at the small bar next door, which i believe is also connected to the restaurant. The place is really cute – narrow, but cute. It has a very intimate feel about it – accentuated by the dim lighting and candles. When we had all arrived we were able to move next door with our drinks to be seated – i love that arrangement!

And the table that we sat at was one of those big old wooden ones, long enough to seat 2 parties, as it did – us down one end and 3 ladies at the other (it turned out to be a good arrangement – they were regulars and, as everything looked so yum on the menu, they gave us a few of their recommendations!) We ordered a bottle of red (the night was of to a good start) and a tomato bruschetta to begin.

… we then took ages and ages to procrastinate over the menu of freshly made pastas – to change our minds, and change them again, before, eventually, we ordered. Our waiter was so helpful (and patient) during that process – thank you for bearing with us! He literally had to go through the specials twice, field two rounds of Q&A, not to mention put up with our “i’ll get this, actually no – can you make it this”! We were awful customers!

But he can’t have hated us too much because he brought us the most delicious basket of fresh Italian bread and white beans in oil to dip. I think we demolished it!

Our starter of bruschetta was divine. There were many variations of bruschetta on the menu, i was slightly wooed by the mushroom version, and there was also one with anchovies, but, at the end of the day, the simplicity of these sweet, red tomatoes – juicy, marinated in olive oil and basil with a touch of salt – you honestly can’t go past it! It took me back to the time that i went and stayed with my best friend and her nonna in country Australia and she made bruschetta by letting tomatoes stew together in a big bucket for a couple of days before we could eat them… if only i had that patience!

My friends ordered the lasagna, i think it was a Wednesday night special, but unfortunately i didn’t taste it so i couldn’t tell you how amazing it was, however they raved about it – and ate it all, so i assume it was pretty good.

This was my meal and you must understand, while the photo quality does it zero justice, this dish was amazing! I have since ordered something that sounded similar from other menus, including one from Little Italy, and none compare. It was pasta with a tomato based sauce, combined with  eggplant and mozzarella balls melted into it. It was actually one of the evenings specials and our waiter said it was one of his favorite dishes – i’m an instant sucker for a recommendation.

The Bogan ordered the “Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese Classic with a tomato and meat sauce of Bologna”, and it was very true to the original Bologna dish. The Bogan didn’t like it, it wasn’t “westernized” enough for him and soaked in tomato sauce… i appreciated it, though!

Unfortunately after bread, bruschetta, fat bowls of pasta and red wine – there was no way that we were fitting in dessert… no matter how much i tried. I took a photo of the dessert menu though! If i had room, the affogato al cafe would have topped of the meal perfectly!

So tell me Dear Reader – what’s your all-time favorite pasta dish?


156 East 2nd St,

New York, NY

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  1. […] I ordered a slightly better and had a similar pasta with a tomato and egglant sauce and balls of mozzarella melted through. It was really tasty, though didn’t live up to the expectations set by a similar dish i had at Supper. […]

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