Best Brunch in New York – Tipsy Parson

Good coffee and good a brunch are typically not found together in NYC. You either get the chef or the barista, not both… unless it’s Tipsy Parson.

Tipsy Parson, on my first and only visit, became one of my favorite brunch places in New York because the menu was delicious and the coffee on par. Two things I have not found hand in hand until now.

When The Bogan and I visited, we sat at the bar – our first choice, if given one. I ordered my cappuccino and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived with a thin, silky foam on top and creamy flavor. The Bogan, meanwhile, ordered his non-dairy French press, which was equally good, thanks to the fine folks at Stumptown supplying cafes like this one with their delectable beans.

A Happy Drinker - cappucino at Tipsy Parson

To accompany our coffee we ordered a doughnut to sample. This is new to me, doughnuts are not generally served, let alone existent, on a menu anywhere other than your beachhouse bakery back in Australia. So I was surprised to find I was licking my fingers after almost inhaling the thing whole – it was so doughy, and warm, and glossy, and nothing like I remember them to be (which was two days old, dry and coated in sugar)! I recommend you treat yourself – it’s worth the calories.

Following dessert we had breakfast. I had lemon-cornmeal pancakes with blueberries, banana and maple syrup, The Bogan had avocado on grilled 5-grain bread with olive oil, roasted tomatoes, green salad and a plump poached egg. My pancakes were very nice, not as good as Bill Granger’s ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter (you know what I’m talking about), but not far off. The Bogan’s meal; two slabs of rye bread mounted with fresh avocado and a poached egg – an add-on he was unwilling to resist – also looked amazing. The only thing this dish was missing was vegemite.

Lemon-cornmeal pancakes

Don't stand on ceremony!

Yum. The Bogan definitely did order well!

After eating in silence, our morning papers splayed out in front of us, we had to walk off our bellies full of brunch – nothing like The Highline to help us achieve that!

Tipsy Parson

196 9th Ave (between 19th & 20th st)

New York, NY

2 Responses to “Best Brunch in New York – Tipsy Parson”
  1. This looks fantastic!!! If only they had unlimited mimosas like Garage.

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