Trader Joes Makes a Mean Hash!

I love Trader Joes. I’m probably not the first person to say that and i doubt i’ll be the last, but i love them. As a business, they have it sorted – great food, great prices and GREAT staff. I’m not sure how they manage to pull everything together so well – i mean, how does a supermarket manage to have consistently happy and helpful employees, how? I just don’t get that! I mean NO business ever has consistently happy and helpful employees, let alone a supermarket… but then again, TJs is by now means an ordinary supermarket.

On 1 of our recent weekly shopping expeditions to TJs, The Bogan decided to try the “beef hash”. I thought it looked foul, to be quite honest. It was beef & potato, vacuum packed and stored in the dry food section – how could it be nice? Not that it was amazing by any means, but it certainly wasn’t as foul as i had expected! We spiced it up a little by adding some fresh grape tomatoes to the skillet as we heated it up. I also poached the Bogan an egg and served it with some toasted sourdough and the bottle of ketchup. Not a bad little breakie!

Trader Joes Beef Hash with a poached egg, fresh grape tomatoes and sourdough toast

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a local deli or supermarket you absolutely LOVE to shop at?


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