Bill’s Bar and Burger

This place is great on a hangover (i.e. New Years Day, when we visited), plus they have TV’s if there is a game playing. But best of all, they do awesome shakes!

Don’t try and be healthy – fried vegetables is not going to soften the blow of a big night out.

Vegetable fries

Mmmm… fries!

Then bring on the burger – the 5oz mushroom and swiss burger, doused in ketchup.

Bill's cremini mushroom and swiss cheese burger

And the shake! These are unreal, more unreal than Shake Shack which you have to queue a year for. You’re looking at the cookies and cream which comes blended thick with Oreo’s, but the campfire (with toasted marshmallows and vanilla ice cream), as well as the peppermint patty with chocolate and peppermint, make it difficult to decide.

Bill’s Bar and Burger


Meatpacking District

22 9th Ave at W13th st

New York, NY

Rockefeller Center

16 W51st St at 5th Ave

New York, NY

2 Responses to “Bill’s Bar and Burger”
  1. cwsching says:

    Wowsers! Deep-fried vegies! What were they like??

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