Souvlaki GR On The Streets

There is something awesome about food trucks. They don’t have them in Sydney, at least not to my knowledge. And it took me awhile to warm to them. I mean, they sound cool in concept, but when it comes to the crunch, i’m probably more likely to buy from the kitchen not on wheels. Yet … Continue reading

Culture Espresso Bar

What makes a coffee shop standout? What makes it become your local? I’d compare my favorite coffee shops to a close friend, you feel relaxed in their company, you can happily sit in silence and, if you haven’t dropped by in a while, there are no hard feelings, you simply pick up where you left of. … Continue reading

The Best Ever Italian Lasagna

Today marks my 1st post of 2011, Happy New Year everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve touched base and the holidays entailed a lot of eating and drinking. I have many eating escapades to recount. However, i thought I’d kick of the year with the perfect cold-weather recipe, Lasagna. I cooked this up last night … Continue reading