Best Fried Chicken in New York – Peels

I’ve tried the fried chicken at The Redhead and over the Bridge at Brooklyn Bowls (catered by Blue Ribbon), but to date, my favorite experience has been at Peels, in East Village.

I thought i would struggle to draw separation –  it’s just chicken, fried – but there was a distinctly better flavor from the folks at Peels. Something about the seasoning, and the crunch which hid a juicy, succulent flesh – oh, and the accompaniments! I’m not usually a huge chicken, let along fried chicken fan, but i must say i thoroughly enjoyed this!

Look how super crunchy that chicken looks! Mmmm...

HUGE chicken breast and wings - with dipping sauce.

The kale, mushrooms and delicious cheese salad that we ordered to start.


325 Bowery (Cnr of 2nd st)

New York, NY

One Response to “Best Fried Chicken in New York – Peels”
  1. Craig Daitch says:

    It looks amazing but I’m loyal to Mad For Chicken. 🙂

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