About Spice Diary

Me and my Columbian Cheesecake

I love food. I also love photographing food and sharing that little piece of plate art with everyone i know (and making their mouths water in the process)! So this blog is firstly dedicated to food and celebrating its beauty and deliciousness, and second, it’s dedicated to New York and the world and all the cultures that i’m lucky enough to sample through my mouth… and camera.

If you know of any amazing places i must try or have a recommendations please send me an email or leave me a comment. Also, bring on your tips and questions! I’m constantly learning to become a better blogger and if there is anything i can help you with, i’ll do my best!

Here’s to eating… enjoy!

Bec 🙂

Email: rlsleeman@gmail.com

Twitter: @BecSleeman

6 Responses to “About Spice Diary”
  1. Angie Colless says:

    Bec!! Just stumbled across your delicious blog … love ready about your adventures through New York through your stomach! Hope everything is well over there … and you’ve probabaly been there a million times but my fav place for breakfast in NY would have to be Pastis …. happy eating!! xo Love Angie

    • ridinthetide says:

      Hey Angie! Great to hear from you – how is everything going?
      I lurrve Pastis!!! The tuna nicoise salad is amazing with a champagne cocktail! haha! I live in Chelsea which is just above Meatpacking and, unfortunately for my wallet, Pastis is within walking distance!
      Hope you’re well – thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. Stacey Maddern says:

    Bec, so proud of you!!! Website, reviews and photo’s are fantastic…nearly as good as Dawson’s Creek! I think you need to contact head honcho Sleeman, aka Mrs. Sleeman, for that upside down pear cake….another fantastic addition to compliment your wonderful site.

    • Bec Sleeman says:

      That upside down pair cake – I haven’t had that in sooo long, i’ll definitely have to add it to the pages! Haha, and nothing could compare to Dawson’s Creek sessions!

  3. Justin Moise says:

    Yeah Becster!

    Great blog Im trying that Lasagne for sure. You would have been impressed we cooked some wicked pizzas in the Sleeman pizza oven on NYE. Made the bases myself! Can kneed!! Im over in LA in May for a wedding and then NYC so get me to your best cupcake store! I look forward to a review blog prior.. Check bogan!


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