Culture Espresso Bar

What makes a coffee shop standout? What makes it become your local? I’d compare my favorite coffee shops to a close friend, you feel relaxed in their company, you can happily sit in silence and, if you haven’t dropped by in a while, there are no hard feelings, you simply pick up where you left of. … Continue reading

Ninth Street Espresso

As I’ve mentioned before, New York has only a handful of good coffee places. There’s Joe The Art of Coffee, with its cosy spaces around the city, including; West Village, Chelsea and the recently opened Upper West Side location. There’s also Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Grumpy’s in Chelsea, Abraco in East Village, Culture … Continue reading

Toronto’s Historic Distillery District

tw This old red brick precinct is a must-see in Toronto. While we made the rookie error of going the Sunday of a long-weekend when everything was either shut or dead quiet, the restaurants and bars showed promise. We passed by some, what would be bustling beer gardens, as well as a handful of upmarket … Continue reading

Trip To Toronto – Brunch!

In mid-October i had to renew my visa for the US and subsequently the Bogan and I took a trip up to Canada – a good excuse to check out Toronto, Ottawa and Niagra Falls on the way through.  We caught the overnight bus, it’s a solid 10-hr trip, but fortunately not to bad when … Continue reading

Abraco for Coffee

In my 3rd installment of New York’s (Manhatten’s to be specific) coffee houses, i’m taking you on a visit to Abraco in East Village. This popular little ‘hole in the wall’ makes a delicious cup of Joe, including all the key elements; a precisely timed espresso shot, delicately steamed milk and an artful pour that … Continue reading

Joe The Art Of Coffee

There is an art to coffee… not just the art created by the gentle jiggle of freshly foamed milk into a pool of espresso, but the art that comes from sourcing top beans, creating the right blend, timing the heat and length of the espresso pour, the list goes on. Joe The Art of Coffee … Continue reading

Stumptown Coffee

Over the next few weeks i’m going to write up the few sensational coffee houses in New York. This New York Times article sums it up pretty nicely, but lacks the pictures so you can see for yourself what you’re missing! Stumptown Coffee, under the Ace Hotel, is one of the handful of places in … Continue reading