No. 7 Sub – The Best Sub You’ll Ever Eat

No. 7 Subs are like nothing you’ve ever tasted before, they’ll leave you pining for more like a Queenstown Fergburger (New Zealand burger shack – no comparison). The bizarre, but brilliant, flavor combinations were once aptly described like a group of drunk college boys got home from a bar night and went to town cramming whatever they could find in the fridge into a roll. Once you’ve read the menu, this description will make more sense.

You need to prepare for a visit to No. 7 Sub, as you would Katz’s Deli, by limiting your breakfast intake and working up an appetite for the lunch sensation that awaits you. While they are huge, it’s difficult to stop eating once you start – just a quick disclaimer!

The braised short ribs with daikon salad and coconut mayo

The old braised beef which has since been replaced - with sweet potato and marshmallow

Broccoli, lychee muchim, pine nuts and ricotta salata

Eggplant parm with BBQ chips, fontina cheese and pickled jalapenos.

No. 7 Sub

Ace Hotel

1188 Broadway

New York, NY 1001

7 Greene Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238


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