Ice Cream Sandwiches at The Meatball Shop

One day i will do a post on the best ice cream sandwiches in New York, but for right now, you get The Meatball Shop.

Considering the title you’d expect some photos of meatballs, and while they are exceptional meatballs, this post is not about their meatballs. This post is only about uncovering the undiscovered “hero” dish on the menu of one of Lower East Side’s consistently most busy restaurants. By “hero” I do not mean a bread roll, but something super amazing. See for yourself…

The brownie cookie with home-made fresh mint ice cream.

Meringue cookie with caramel ice cream.

Same sandwich, different angle.

2 Responses to “Ice Cream Sandwiches at The Meatball Shop”
  1. Imogen Kelly says:

    yuuum haha Justinis getting stuck into it! Good times Bec. Everyone in New York must experience this dessert!

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