David Burke Townhouse, New York City

David Burke Townhouse is simply no ordinary experience…

Rosemary pricked freshly baked dinner roll

Butter on a block of salt, with a shaving of butter on top

To begin.

Shaved truffles lie atop crab foam with peas and some other delectable treats.

I know it's hard to believe that that might actually be edible, but it is... and very much so. Lobster stack with basil and lemon-chili sauce

Parfait of big eye tuna and salmon tartare with soy glaze, spicy mayonnaise and crème fraiche


Ginger crusted tuna with stir fry vegetables, angel hair, red curry vinaigrette and lotus root chips

Special: whole fish

Roasted rack of lamb, artichoke “strudel”, curried cauliflower, sheep camenbert and eggplant pureé

Seared duck breast, confit thigh and foie gras dumpling mustard cabbage, celery root and cranberry marmalade

Ferris wheel of warm doughnuts served with milk chocolate baileys, strawberry daiquiri and salted caramel

Warm doughnut with salted caramel sauce

Caramelized warm apple tart with cider caramel and crème fraiche ice cream

David Burke's cheesecake lollipop tree, raspberries and bubblegum whipped cream

Cheesecake, on a popstick, in a tree = cheesecake lollipop tree

Complementary chocolates

David Burke Townhouse

133 East 61st Street
New York, NY


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