Spitzers for Beers, Brunch or Dinner

Spitzer’s in the Lower East Side is an addictive bar. It’s the sort of place you always end up at when you don’t know where to end up at. It’s trusty, true and renowned for its great selection of beers. But beer aside, it also serves, brunch, lunch and dinner – the former of which is worth writing home about. The dinner, on the other hand, is best kept simple. When we’ve ordered burgers and fries, it’s never failed to impress. However, venturing a little to far afield with an order of Salmon and/or short ribs, can end in an underwhelming experience… just FYI.

Pancho crusted poached eggs, with smoked trout, salmon caviar, broiled herbed tomato, hollandaise, on soft brioche and a side of salad

So i just visited the Spitzer’s site for a reminder of what i ordered and unfortunately it looks like this dish went to the chopping block. Sorry folks. It’s such a shame because, as you can see, it was A-Bloody-Mazing! I would go back there just to experience this dish again, and again, and again.

But don’t fear, everything on the menu sounded great – but obviously not as orgasmic as “pancho-crusted poached eggs” coupled with smoked trout AND salmon caviar. That’s the jackpot, right there.

Onto dinner… the Salmon was so over-cooked that i upstaged anything else on the dish that may have warranted praise. In fact, everything on the plate felt a little to charred for my liking, the caper crust certainly didn’t complement the dish to the level i was expecting.

Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon organic fish, caper-crusted, broiled tomato, crispy artichoke, grilled meyer lemon

The chips, however – crisp, but soft. Perfectly fried.

Spitzer’s commands the corner of Rivington and Ludlow. Catch the subway to Delancey Street and you’re almost there… unless you’re a bogan and get off, only to walk south instead of north.

NB: Spitzer’s is also incredibly tight on I.D. – an international driver’s license will pass (unless it looks like it’s from Queensland), otherwise take you passport.


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