Souvlaki GR On The Streets

There is something awesome about food trucks. They don’t have them in Sydney, at least not to my knowledge. And it took me awhile to warm to them. I mean, they sound cool in concept, but when it comes to the crunch, i’m probably more likely to buy from the kitchen not on wheels.

Yet these kitchens on wheels do have a certain charm and serve a brilliant purpose not immediately obvious to the unfamiliar eye. For example, one day while i was dragging The Bogan from shop to shop in Soho, he got hungry. Urgh. But (conveniently), what should happen to be parked around the corner? None other than the Souvlaki GR truck. It served it’s purpose brilliantly – Bogan gets a cheap feed, we don’t have to waste time sitting down, and there’s more opportunity to shop. The last advantage to this arrangement was, i got to have a bite of his pita! I was immediately wooed by its moorish taste. Seconds later we had returned to buy a second.

According to it’s website the Souvlaki GR truck is reasonably new to the streets of New York and took out the Vendy Award for 2010 Rookie Food Truck of the Year. In fact, it appears this truck has been so popular that they’re opening up camp in the Lower East Side. It’s not surprising – Midtown Lunch and Serious Eats are just two of many blogs to be raving about their grub.

Souvlaki GR chicken pita

The chicken pita was delish with charcoal barbecued meat served with red onion, tomato, french fries and tzatziki. We also tried the Bifteki Sandwick, AKA traditional Greek burger, with ground beef and spices, charcoal grilled and served in a warm pita with feta, tomato, red onion and tzatziki sauce.

You can follow the Souvlaki GR truck on Twitter to stay up to date on its location. Currently they park on 21st and 6th Ave during the week and are in Soho on weekends (right near the Burton shop).

The friendly faces of the Souvlaki GR truck!


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