Motorino Pizza

As I’ve mentioned before, The Bogan is not easily a fan of pizza – he’s a tough critic. His criteria are few, but extremely defined. The base must be thin and crusty, but not dry, and preferably wood-fired. The toppings should be extremely fresh and used plentifully, without being overdone. Finally, the number of toppings should be kept to a minimum and flavors should be simplistic.

These all seem like fairly achievable objectives, but trust me, just any 99c slice will not do. In fact, there is actually only a number of places in Manhattan that have proven to have complying pizza. And if we arrive at a restaurant to find that the pizza looks like it might disappoint in any of the above categories, it’s unlikely The Bogan will take that gamble – best go with pasta. Fortunately Motorino fit the bill, especially since they only do pizza.

My choice was a glass of red ($9) and the Stracciatella ($17) – a white pizza with basil, olive oil, sea salt and Stracciatella, a soft buffalo mozzarella, melted all over. It should also be noted that the wine comes in a glass, not a wine glass, should that be a deal breaker.

The Bogan opted for half Margherita ($14) and half Sopressata Piccante ($16) …

The Margherita was the better of the 2 halves, in my humble opinion, with mozzarella, basil and tomato. The Soppressata adds the spicy sausage, oregano and garlic to the combo. The Bogan also had an Ommegang Witte beer to accompany his meal which was nice, with strong hints of ripe fruit and peach.

On a previous visit i tried the Brussel Sprouts and Pancetta pizza ($16) which, from what i gathered, is a signature Motorino dish. It was great, but certainly didn’t jump like a drizzle of truffle oil would. Yet, despite this, Motorino’s pizza is dependable – the restaurant is always buzzing and the wait staff are continually pleasing. It’s an easy choice for dinner if what you’re looking for is a satisfying pizza.

Motorino East Village

349 East 12th Street

New York, NY 10003

Motorino Brooklyn

319 Graham Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11211


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