Moroccan Tagine, Shakshuka & Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing

There is a Moroccan inspired cafe located in Balmain, Sydney – you may have heard of it, it’s called KazBah. Anyway, this restaurant makes amazing tagines for breakfast, they’re almost to good for words. I remember them being this huge messy hot pot of lamb mince, sucuk, feta, spinach, roasted capsicum, caramelized onion, roast tomato and then several soft eggs poached on top. The tagine was then accompanied by an assortment of lavish and Turkish breads to scoop everything up with.

I had this meal in 2009, shortly before i flew out of Sydney to South America to begin a year of travel… i left on a good note!

While i was on the road i shared lodgings with like-minded Israeli travelers on a number of occasions and would often cross their path in the kitchen while they cooked up a storm. One of the dishes they would be throwing together at these times was called “Shakshuka“. We had a brief lesson on how to make it and from what i remember it was canned tomatoes (or fresh), diced onion, peppers, chili peppers, any spices that might be lying around (ideally paprika), garlic and seasoning. All these ingredients would be left to stew and then on top you’d crack a couple of eggs, pop the lid back on, then allow to cook till the eggs are just soft. This meal ended up becoming a regular choice over those following months as it required very few ingredients and could be easily adapted depending on what was available.

Now that i’m in more permanent lodgings and have my own kitchen and cupboard full of spices, i don’t mind taking a trip back memory lane and combining elements of these 2 dishes, using whatever i have in the fridge or in the way of leftovers at the time, and cooking up a delicious Sunday breakfast. The Bogan doesn’t seem to mind to much either.

Recently i threw together a breakfast of canned tomatoes, left over pasta sauce, fresh basil, peppers, an egg poached on top and Parmesan grated over everything. It was no Kazbah tagine, but it was tasty.

Another reincarnation on this recipe, possibly a slightly richer more indulgent version (no, it didn’t involve grated black truffle, unfortunately) was what The Bogan concocted for himself, post-Thanksgiving. The Bogan actually took the leftover herb turkey stuffing and fried it up in a skillet with some diced tomato, then poached 2 eggs on top. The end result was a yummy leftover Thanksgiving Turkey stuffing and poached egg shakshuka. If you can imagine, the saltiness of the stuffing and natural roast turkey flavor all combine nicely to complement the eggs – it’s a lovely dish until The Bogan destroys it with a bottle of ketchup squirted over everything!

One Response to “Moroccan Tagine, Shakshuka & Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Stuffing”
  1. Deepa says:

    Nice recipes and its mouthwatering. Every one like to eat when see it first time

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