Ninth Street Espresso

As I’ve mentioned before, New York has only a handful of good coffee places. There’s Joe The Art of Coffee, with its cosy spaces around the city, including; West Village, Chelsea and the recently opened Upper West Side location. There’s also Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Grumpy’s in Chelsea, Abraco in East Village, Culture Espresso Bar for the Midtowners (and Aussie expats), and of course, Ninth Street Espresso.


Like all the places i’ve just mentioned, Ninth Street Espresso puts the art back into coffee. The barista’s at any of its three locations take the time to draw the perfect espresso and foam deliciously smooth milk. At the Chelsea Market location you can stand at a bar shot your macchiato, as you would in Italy, while on East 10th St there are stools and some bench space, but the overall feel is not as conducive to lingering as, say, a Joe The Art of Coffee establishment might have you feel. However, while i was once warned about the barista’s lack of smiles, I’ve never encountered this myself – they’re mostly friendly… without being chirpy. And if access to internet was ever a deal breaker, it’s free at Ninth St!

Ninth Street Espresso

Chelsea Market

75 9th Avenue

Alphabet City

700 East 9th St (between Ave C & D)

Tompkins Square

341 East 10th St (between Ave A & B)



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