Toronto’s Historic Distillery District


This old red brick precinct is a must-see in Toronto. While we made the rookie error of going the Sunday of a long-weekend when everything was either shut or dead quiet, the restaurants and bars showed promise. We passed by some, what would be bustling beer gardens, as well as a handful of upmarket restaurants. We stopped at one for a drink and to taste the Canadian-brewed “Sleeman” beer, i tried it in its dark form and it was extremely drinkable.

The following morning we returned to the Distillery District for a coffee at Balzac’s, which exists through a huge old wooden door. The high ceiling space retains it warehouse feel with cracks of light that filer in from high windows, meanwhile a loft area provides further room for casual sipping. I ordered a cappuccino and, unlike Australian coffee, it also is not served with a sprinkling of chocolate on top. In the below photograph I had to shake “chocolate” on myself, without realizing it was in fact “cocoa” and therefore unbeholding of any sweetness. The actual coffee, however, was smooth and delicious.

Unfortunately this little coffee shop lacked any convincing breakfast snacks so we stopped by Brick Street Bakery just up the road. It had a big selection of pastries, as well as banana and other loaf cake/bread items. I was tempted by the “world’s best” banana bread, though on further investigation the actual bread itself was not voted world’s best, but the recipe used to bake it was found online and had apparently been awarded the title. Instead I had a small brioche bun with a chocolate center. The Bogan had a sausage roll.

The Historic Distillery District

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters

55 Mill St, Building 60

Toronto, Ontario

Brick Street Bakery

55 Mill St, Building 45A

Toronto, Ontario

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