A Salt & Battery

Fish and chips takes me back to when i was little. Warm butchers paper, the trail of salt and vinegar scent, soggy chips that worked up a sweat between destinations A and B, yet still taste damn good.

However there’s an absence of Fish and Chip shops these days. Where did they go? Maybe its New York, but even back in Sydney their population has dropped. Did we stop loving them?

For this reason A Salt & Battery owns a monopoly over the nostalgic New York market with it’s old-style fish and chips in a gourmet package. While their bundles are not newspaper laden, instead they come in a small basket lined with paper, they’re still greasy and waft salt and vinegar.

On a recent visit to A Salt & Battery – The Bogan, who won’t actually go near seafood, ordered his version of fish and chips… that is; chips and potato scallops.

The chips were crispy, so a nicer version of the limp ones you gobbled out of a newspaper wrapper as a child – and lathered in vinegar, salt and ketchup – sublime.

I’m not actually to familiar with potato scallops – I was always more of a calamari person myself, but according The Bogan they were good. In my perspective they had the crunch-factor, but were weighed heavily on the greasy side – even for deep-fried food.

Unfortunately A Salt & battery doesn’t serve calamari which is a small blow, but they do have a selection of fish to compensate, including Sole and Whiting. If you can catch a sunny Winter’s day and snag one of the people-watching bench seats either outside or in the window, then it’s a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

So tell me, are you a fish or a calamari person (or perhaps the potato scallop type)?

A Salt & Battery

112 Greenwich Ave

New York, NY 10011

3 Responses to “A Salt & Battery”
  1. Nicole Joseph says:

    Bottom of the Harbour is kicking at the moment.. Think Zahel is still deep frying those chips too!! Wish you were here to share a calamari and chips at Balmoral with me!!

  2. Adam Edwards says:

    I think the disappearance of fish and chips is due to two reasons… one… the actual disappearance of fish (http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2000/jul/20/fish.food) and two… younger generations have been raised on those awful frozen fish sticks so they don’t know to look for something better.

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