Trip to Toronto – Dinner at Terroni

Toronto during Thanksgiving is… quiet, to say the least. It was Saturday night when we were wandering around various recommended drinking areas – including Ossington St, but every bar we passed had 1 – 0 people sitting at the bar swigging solo. After awhile we gave up and had a wine at a dive bar which was semi-populated with a few locals… it served its purpose.

After our drink we made a bee-line for dinner at Terroni which happened to be another recommendation from Toronto expat, Andrea (who also sent me to Dark Horse Espresso Bar). This restaurant was buzzing, despite a seemingly quiet city elsewhere. We were seated at a little two top table straight away and as i passed through the restaurant i caught a glimpse of what we were in for, the food looked delicious!

After we put our order in we were delivered a basket of foccacia bread and pickled red peppers served alongside – they were AWESOME. So awesome that The Bogan apparently wants to try and reincarnate them himself, don’t ask me how. I know the picture doesn’t do any justice, but they were moorish slithers of salty, vinegary goodness – with a touch of heat!

At this point i just have to add that the service was excellent! We ordered our bottle of red based on the waitresses’ glowing recommendation and it was a terrific drop! It was an Italian Nero Di Troia…

For entree (AKA “main” in Australian) I was torn between pasta or pizza, i eventually made the call and chose the pasta. There were a few pasta dishes i was tossing up between, but for some reason tonight i was lured by the sausage, peas, wild mushrooms and lacing of parmigiana on a house made fettuccine. It sounded very homely, very “Traditional Southern Italian” – which is Terroni’s self-professed calling… though that’s a good thing, they excel at it.

The Bogan is intensely picky about how he likes his pizza. He is so picky, in fact, that his mood to follow for the entire night will be affected by the happiness he is served through his meal. He is not Italian, nor has he even set foot in Italy, or Europe for that matter! But that’s not to say The Bogan isn’t particular about how he likes his food. Serve a pizza with a crust not crusty enough, or toppings not fresh enough, or a base to thick or to thin – then it’s downhill from there. However, Terroni managed to not just meet [very high] expectations, but exceed them. From the small sampling I was offered I had to concur with the Bogan, the pizza was “spot on”.

Happy customers…

If only there was a Terroni 10hrs closer & we might actually be return guests!

So tell me, What if your strategy for ordering wine when you’ve never heard of anything on the list before?


720 Queen St West,

Toronto, Canada
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