Trip To Toronto – Brunch!

In mid-October i had to renew my visa for the US and subsequently the Bogan and I took a trip up to Canada – a good excuse to check out Toronto, Ottawa and Niagra Falls on the way through.  We caught the overnight bus, it’s a solid 10-hr trip, but fortunately not to bad when they have power-points, wifi and extra leg room (you gotta look for the good in a bad situation), plus it’s less than $100, which beats flying. We booked all our accommodation through “The Negotiator” on Priceline – $77 for a king size room at four star hotels, The Sheraton in Toronto and The Weston Hotel in Ottawa (better than hostel accommodation when you split that by 2).

We spent Saturday and Sunday nights in Toronto on the Canadian Thanksgiving  Weekend. The bars were a little quiet (to say the least)! However we had an awesome time munching around the city.

We started with coffee at a tip-off (thanks Andrea 😉 ), Dark Horse Espresso Bar. This establishment has a great, chilled vibe with an open-plan setting and long bench tables where you can lay your newspaper out, plus all the feature sections, and still not disturb the next person. They also make a mean espresso.

Fat vegan, oat, berry and bran muffin from Dark Horse Cafe

After our coffee, we wandered back to Queen St and headed East. We stopped for brunch at OddFellow, which turned out was another excellent tip-off from a lady at the boutique just up the street.

We found a seat in the sun outside and browsed the menu – it didn’t take me long to make up my mind. I ordered smoked trout with smoked eggs, tartare and toast.

The Bogan ordered the breakfast with 2 poached eggs, sausage, toast and and a side of sauteed mushrooms.

I managed to snap a pic of the Bogan’s eggs before they became unrecognizable under a layer of ketchup.

The Bogan also ordered a coffee – in case you wondered what that looked like, i took a photo if it, too…

And, if you are in the mood for some light reading at the end of your brunch…

After we paid up and were on our way out, i caught a glimpse (and waft) of “OddFellows Breakfast for 2”. The dish – served in a big iron pot – went whizzing by me, straight from the kitchen to someone’s table. It looked and smelt amazing – with sausage and a bunch of other things which i couldn’t recite for you. If you do ever visit OddFellows and this brunch dish is a consideration – from what i everything but tasted, it’s amazing!

Dark Horse Espresso Bar

215 Spadina Ave,

Suite 102

Toronto, Canada


936 Queen St West,

Toronto, Canada

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