San Gerrano Festival – Little Italy, New York City

The San Gerrano Festival in Little Italy happens every year running down Mulberry Street between Canal and Houston, and overflows into Grand and Hester. The religious festival, considered New York’s biggest, took place this year in mid-September from the 16 – 26th. Over the years (it’s in its 84th) it has grown from a 1-day event to a massive 11-day celebration.

The Bogan and I visited on a Saturday afternoon and while we didn’t see a parade, the streets were packed! From what I understand a religious procession, as well as a feast, all take place during the 11-day gala. If you do plan on going to this festival though, make sure you go hungry – there is so much delicious Italian food, from seafood to sausages and funnel cake to fried oreos!

The strange looking "funnel cake" coated in confectioners sugar

Italian biscuits and sweets were everywhere…

I was so tempted by almost every stall we passed, though managed to hold out for an early Italian dinner in one of the restaurant marquees specially set up for the event and oozing with people-watching potential!

Over a bottle of read we ate a huge bowl of pasta each, preceded by Italian bread and this dish of additively good dipping oil laced with Italian herbs and spices.

The Bogan ordered a penne with a marinara and chicken sauce which he liked, but didn’t love.

I ordered slightly better. I had a similar penne-style pasta with a tomato and egglant sauce and balls of mozzarella melted through. It was really tasty, though didn’t live up to the expectations set by a similar dish i had at Supper.

After almost falling into a food coma, we walked it off a little – at least enough to fit in an espresso and cannoli from Ferrara!

… i really didn’t need that last cannoli, but it did taste good!

So tell me Dear Reader, what San Gennaro Italian dessert are you most drawn to – the fried oreos, perhaps the toffee apple or maybe it’s nougat?


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