Brooklyn Bowl Fried Chicken

I’m new to the whole ‘gourmet’ Fried Chicken obsession that is exists in New York, in fact I’m new to fried chicken in general! As an Aussie, fried chicken to me is Kentucky Fried Chicken, AKA: KFC – a fast-food chain that exists in suburban car parks and food halls and somewhere I’ve never felt an overwhelming desire to eat! However, being in NY and having friends from the South, curiosity got the better of me and i was really keen to try this American delicacy.

Brooklyn Bowl is awesome for many reasons; 1. it’s the coolest, hippest bowling alley I’ve ever encountered, 2. They have a great line-up of bands playing (e.g.: Aussie troop the Beautiful Girls), 3. they have a huge bar and, 4. They have delicious Blue Ribbon catering that serves up a mean fried chicken!

It was a Wednesday night when we dropped by and the place wasn’t as busy as our previous visit, which fell on a Saturday night, we could actually get a seat in the restaurant this time. The menu is simple and classic with fried chicken served straight up in a number of different sizes, as well as a yummy sandwich selection and a huge choice of appetizers. We weren’t here to mess around and skipped straight over the later too to, ordering an 8-piece platter of mixed white and dark meat fried chicken to share between the Bogan and I ($22) and 2 sides – cole slaw ($5) and french fries ($6). I wasn’t so hungry and the Bogan apparently wasn’t either, but his eyes are bigger than his stomach and it took much convincing that we should actually share something and not just stuff our faces on a fried chicken dinner each (4 pieces of mixed chicken and 2 sides – $19)! As it worked out, the Bogan was better off with this option anyway – i could only eat 2 pieces of chicken, leaving him to smash the other 6.

When our platter arrived it looked exactly how I’d expect a good fried chicken to look – plump and succulent with a crunchy golden exterior (I’ve watched to many KFC commercials!). Our serve had 2 breast pieces and then 6 pieces of the wings and drumsticks. When you bit in, the chicken was tender and juicy while the crust was perfectly crisp. The platter also came with white bread and honey, but we were all a little baffled by the honey – even our southern friends weren’t quite sure what that was meant for… was it for the bread or dunking the chicken? I did feel the fried chicken needed some kind of sauce, on its own it was a little dry. Again, I copied the lead of my southern friends and they asked for a side of BBQ… so I did, too!

Our sides of cole slaw and french fries were also good. Actually, to be honest, i don’t really get into cole slaw, period, so left that to the Bogan, but the french fries were perfectly cooked and nicely salted!

Following dinner we kicked on for a round of bowls and made good use of the bar – it helps to soften the blow when you keep rolling balls straight down the bunker! However, if you’re totally not into the bowling (and I don’t blame you) you can simply go for the music, beers and bizarre wildlife docos played on huge screens above the lanes – it’ll keep you entertained if the convo ever goes dry and you happen to glance up to catch walrus’ mating!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you like your fried chicken – served in a box, straight from KFC or served up on a platter with silverware and Southern-inspired sides?

Brooklyn Bowl

61 Wythe Ave,

Brooklyn, New York 11211
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