New York’s Best Burger – Corner Bistro

You don’t go to Corner Bistro for smiling service (I’m not sure if the bar men or wait staff have ever heard a joke in their lives) or a serene atmosphere, you go for the $6.50 Corner Bistro burger… arguably the best burger in New York City.

The Infamous Corner Bistro Cheeseburger

It is basically 1 big, fat meat patty – served to temperature (sometimes this is your choice, depending on the servers mood), melted cheese (American, period), crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, raw onion and pickles. When it arrives, you should proceed to smother it in ketchup and assemble your toppings, then try and take a bite getting as much ketchup and mince juice dribbling down your face and arms as possible.

If you’re in the mood, order a side of fries – and you’ll need a McSorley’s Dark ($2.5) to wash it all down.

There are a couple of other things on the menu – a burger with no bacon, or burger with no bacon or cheese… oh, and maybe a melted cheese sandwich (if you’re really in the non-burger market you shouldn’t be here, but otherwise check the board – it’s at the end of the bar).

Once you’ve stuffed your face, the server’s body language will probably suggest that they’d kindly like you to leave, but then you’re welcome to stand (or sit if you can find a perch) and watch the game with the rest of the punters in the front bar. If the bar man feels like it, he might even pour you a beer… but don’t expect a smile!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you like your burger – medium-rare, maybe with some pineapple, beetroot and a fried egg on top?

Corner Bistro

331 w 4th street

New York, NY 10014

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