Antipasto Platter from Chelsea Market

I saw Eat Pray Love at the cinema and was taken back to my time traveling through Italy last year and all the delicious food i ate. Needless to say, i ended up at Chelsea Market the next day buying food for an antipasto platter – i documented it in photo’s below; topped off with a glass of Pinot Gris – it was sublime!

Cantelope, tomato drizzled with a little extra virgin and a sprinkling of rock salt, herb baguette from Amy's Bread, kosher dill pickle, salami stick and freshly sliced prosciutto.

We bought vino from Chelsea Wine Vault – they’re really helpful there (and knowledgeable) and have a HUGE selection to choose from at fairly decent prices. The cheeses came from Buon Italia and i highly recommend their market for anything Italian. They have a huge selection of everything from fresh pasta, to chocolate, cheese and meats, and everything is incredible.

Fromage di affinois cheese (front) and Pecorino beltrami with truffle… nom, nom, nom…

The cold meats were delish. With the left over salami, i sauteed it in a skillet briefly the next night – it tasted even better!

My first love, Sicilian olives (also from Buon Italia)

Fresh tomato sprinkled with a little salt and pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

A bite size snack – bread topped with prosciutto, tomato and truffle pecorino. It’s important i note how extraordinarily truffle-y the cheese was. I LOVE truffle so the pairing with salty, slightly crumbly pecorino with truffle was ideal and i gobbled it up very fast!

For desert we shared a slab of brownie from fat Witch Bakery – perfecto!

So tell me, Dear Reader, what are your favorite Italian flavors?


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