The Plumcot

I was quietly intrigued when I stumbled over this slightly hideous looking, dappled-skinned stone fruit. According to its nametag, it’s a “plumcot”, thank you very much. 75 % plum, 25 % cot, and 101 % delicious. Far from being a genetically engineered monster, it’s been around for hundreds of years and is a natural hybrid of plum and apricot. Though, it looks like neither. The fruit is the same size as a peach with a firm, but juicy pink flesh, a speckled skin and an identity crisis. Is it plum-colored apricot, or apricot colored plum? Either way, I bought this newfound delicacy out of sheer curiosity and was surprised, to say the least. It was juicy plum fresh with added melon sweetness, cutting through that tart finish we love and hate about plums. The plumcot makes for a perfect breakfast snack along with some avocado and yoghurt, drizzled in honey and a scattering of nuts. But be quick, it’s only in season for a few more weeks, and hundreds of more years.

The speckled exterior of the intriguing "plumcot"


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