Abraco for Coffee

In my 3rd installment of New York’s (Manhatten’s to be specific) coffee houses, i’m taking you on a visit to Abraco in East Village. This popular little ‘hole in the wall’ makes a delicious cup of Joe, including all the key elements; a precisely timed espresso shot, delicately steamed milk and an artful pour that produces the pretty leaf pattern that i always admire!

People queue up for coffee on Saturday morning

Abraco is large enough that you can walk inside and order coffee, but small enough that there is only room for a couple of people to perch at a short bar, the rest must loiter outside (in the sunshine on a nice day) at another bar table.

The sweets cabinet at Abraco

When i arrived and saw the “pain perdu”, i coudn’t resist. 1 thick slice of french toast folded around a creamy center or sweet ricotta and dusted with icing sugar, it looked divine. However, on tasting it was actually a little dry for my liking and it needed an extra heap of ricotta which lost in the thick slice of eggy-bread. In hindsight i would have ordered the olive oil cake – that’s what’s racking up good reports, it was a rookie error… next time!

French Toast folded with a sweet ricotta filling

Abraco's french toast with ricotta


86 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

(212) 388-9731
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