Joe The Art Of Coffee

There is an art to coffee… not just the art created by the gentle jiggle of freshly foamed milk into a pool of espresso, but the art that comes from sourcing top beans, creating the right blend, timing the heat and length of the espresso pour, the list goes on. Joe The Art of Coffee knows the art of coffee making. We’re regulars at Joe’s on 23rd and 9th Ave and for a period, when we first arrived in NY, would sit there every morning… sometimes for several hours. It’s one of those coffee shops that makes you feel welcome, where you can waste numerous hours simply lingering over a glass, or two or three, of coffee. The staff are always friendly and the during the summertime, the West village location has a running group that leaves at 9:30 am on the weekends and goes for a 6 or 7 mile run… if i was good, I’d go, but frankly I’d much prefer to just sit with my coffee and book!

Anyway, I’m absolutely a huge fan of Joe The Art Of Coffee (before we discovered Joe’s we used to get our morning cup from Grumpy’s in Chelsea, but Joe’ trumps Grumpy’s for friendly baristas). Oh, and one last tip, try the sugarless berry scones they get in from City Bakery – it’s addictive.

Joe The Art Of Coffee in 23rd St, just off 9th Ave

There’s generally a small queue for coffee in the mornings, but nothing that’s not worth waiting for!

A delicious cup of Joe – perfectly formed and silky smooth!

3 Responses to “Joe The Art Of Coffee”
  1. Bren M. says:

    ummm.. so I actually worked for the architect who designed this particular Joe’s.. and um.. the owner of Joe’s is a super nice guy from Cleveland…
    yeah. although I do love Aussies, sometimes it might just be a tall, skinny guy from Ohio that gets it right.

    • Bec Sleeman says:

      Yes, you do make a fair point. When I wrote this post almost 2 years ago I probably wouldn’t have agreed with you, generally speaking (there is an exception to every rule and the tall, skinny guy from Ohio is one), but now my perception has changed. There has been a shift in New York in the last year and now espresso bars that know great coffee are opening up in every corner of Manhattan (and Brooklyn)… it’s great, but not so great for my caffeine intake.

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