BBQ Time? Delicious Steak Marinate

I love Trader Joes. I’m just going to put that out there, i absolutely love Trader Joes and everything about it – the staff, the testers, the food and now the new store in Chelsea, i love it even more – if that’s  even possible.

The Bogan, a carnivore, also loves TJ’s and recently we have been hooked on their “tri-tip” steaks. We have grown so obsessed with them we now buy them every week and each Friday have a BBQ on our roof. Last week i marinated them with some Worcestershire sauce, garlic and Sweet Chilli Sauce and let them sit overnight, the next day they tasted sublime! I usually just make the marinate up impromptu so I’m not precise on the ratios, but it’s probably something like this:

3-4 tri-tip steak slithers or 2 fillet Mignon

1/4 C Worcestershire Sauce

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

3 tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce

Lay the steaks in a small dish or container. Mix the bottom 3 ingredients together and then pour over the steaks, makes sure to turn the steaks a few times so they’re fully covered. Allow them to sit for a few hours or overnight.

Suggestion: we served the steak with some BBQ portabella mushrooms and a Kale salad tossed lightly in a nice Asian sesame, ginger, soy and garlic dressing (TJ’s sells a good pre-made one).

Trader Joes tri-tip steak with baby portabella mushrooms and Kale salad


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