Nathan’s Hot Dogs

Everyone’s heard of Nathan’s and if you haven’t, you clearly haven’t been in New York over 4th of July. Nathan’s is famous for their hot dogs and every year on Independence Day, stage their famous hot do eating contest out at Coney Island.

True Yankees, the type that grew up here and have many a childhood memory of riding the bumper cars and playing the carny games, will absolutely vouch for Nathan’s hot dogs – and not just any Nathan’s hot dog, it has to be from Coney Island.

It was my first experience of the wiener and bun just recently and i can’t say it’s as mind-blowing as it is sometimes made out to be, but then again, i didn’t spend my childhood summers out at Coney Island. However, for the complete Coney Island experience it has to be done (and don’t forget to wash it all down with a XL lemonade).

Everything a Coney Island hot dog should be

A glimpse inside the infamous Nathan's hot dog (lathered in the essentials - Ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut and onions)!

You never can have to much mustard!

People congregate under the Nathan's sign on Coney Island


1310 Surf Avenue,

Brooklyn, NY‎

# (718) 946-2202‎

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