Stumptown Coffee

Over the next few weeks i’m going to write up the few sensational coffee houses in New York. This New York Times article sums it up pretty nicely, but lacks the pictures so you can see for yourself what you’re missing!

Stumptown Coffee, under the Ace Hotel, is one of the handful of places in New York serving good coffee and in the evenings, the lobby becomes a great destination for a cocktail amongst a vibrant crowd of suits to hipsters.

Stumptown cappuccino just waiting to be drunk!

The barista’s set the scene with their old-skool outfits, while the line out the door says all that needs to be said about the coffee!

Queuing up to order - the barista's in their funky get-up!

The blackboard menu at Stumptown - their Cappuccino rocked my socks

Stumptown – under the Ace Hotel

Ste 3, 18 West 29th St

New York
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  1. […] West Village, Chelsea and the recently opened Upper West Side location. There’s also Stumptown Coffee in the Ace Hotel, Grumpy’s in Chelsea, Abraco in East Village, Culture Espresso Bar for the […]

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