Best Ever Chocolate Cheesecake

This recipe will SERIOUSLY change your world. This is a cake my best friends mum used to cook for us every birthday and then, once we learnt the recipe, we’d cook it every other day. It is amazing, so amazing that you won’t be able to resist the odd finger-lick…a pleasure that only the cook gets to indulge in!

The best ever, best friend chocolate cheesecake

The best ever chocolate cheesecake – best made to be shared between best friends

This mix makes double the original recipe, but you’ll need it all, trust me!


250g chocolate biscuits
120g butter
500g cream cheese
2 cup cream
4 eggs, separated
1 cup Castor sugar
250g chocolate – melted
1tsp vanilla essence


To make the base, whiz the chocolate biscuits in a blender until very fine. Melt the butter separately and combine with the biscuit crumbs. Line a 30cm spring form tin with baking paper (wax paper) and cover with the biscuit mix – press down firmly. Place the base in the fridge and allow to set while you prepare the filling.

Whiz the cream cheese, melted chocolate and vanilla essence in a blender until smooth. Add egg yolks and whiz. In a separate bowl, beat the egg whites until soft peaks begin to form, then slowly add the sugar. Continue to beat the egg whites and sugar until stiff, glossy peaks form when you lift the beaters. Finally, in another bowl beat the cream.

Pour the chocolate mix into a bowl and alternatively add the egg white and cream mixtures – small amounts at a time and combining as you go. When everything is added, it should be a smooth, creamy, fluffy mixture.

Take the base out of the fridge and pour the filling over the top, spread evenly. Return to the fridge and allow to set for 4 hours, or overnight.

To remove the cheesecake from the tin, make sure to run a knife around the inside of the tin and then open the spring form. Slide off the base by pulling the baking paper.

The chocolate cheesecake sets in the fridge


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