Hill Country

Playing host to Aussie guests means taking them from a tour of the classics and generally entail some, or all, of the following – Katz’s Deli, Corner Bistro for a burger, Pastis for brunch, Cafe Habana for Cuban and/or Bennies for a Burrito. However, what his repertoire is severely missing is some good Southern food, and that’s how we ended up at Hill Country.

We were actually looking for a fried chicken, but somehow, lost in translation, we got beef and LOTS of it! However, it was fate as the meal turned out to be fantastic, despite the fact we couldn’t move at the end of it and almost needed to be wheeled home and into bed.

Hill Country - beef, pork ribs, brisket and more

The restaurant has a reasonably short menu and the idea is you go up to the counter and order your meat by weight – then you go and choose the sides you’d like with it. The above photo is of ‘The Pitmaster” special which consisted of “1/4 lb Lean Brisket, One Pork Spare Rib, One Beef Rib Quarter All Natural Chicken (white or dark meat), Any Two Good Eatin’ (8oz) Sides”. The chicken was actually, surprisingly, a stand out – it was beautiful and succulent and seasoned perfectly. The spare rip was also quite tasty, but ribs always are, aren’t they!? The brisket was a let down – far to dry and lean and that’s definitely not why you go to a southern restaurant (from what i’m told)!

You queue up to order your dinner and tell the butchers how many pounds of meat you'd like

Dinner served up wrapped in brown butchers paper

I ordered the special which was sensational, but i can’t for the life of me recall what it was – it could have been the tenderloin because we were there on a Saturday, but i’m not 100% sure. I remember i just walked up the counter and asked our server/butcher what he recommended, without hesitation he told us the marketplace special and explained how people travel from far and wide for that hunk of meat. So that’s what i ordered – i recommend to just do the same.

After your have your brown paper wrapped meat parcel you proceed to another counter to choose any side you’d like. From memory, the Green Bean Casserole, as well as the mac and cheese are pretty tasty.

One of the sides we ordered - i believe this is the green bean casserole with fried onions

Long tables line the downstairs hall where hungry customers dig into their bags of meat

Drinks at the bar while we wait for a table

At the end of the evening the total bill for 2, including drinks, came to about $80 – the meat was about $25-29 and sides add an extra $7-10 each. However we had more than enough food and if i was to do it again i would definitely halve the quantity!

Hill Country was a great evening, especially when you have Aussie guests in town. On the weekends you’ll often find they may have live music which certainly adds that extra something to the experience. Just don’t go with the intention to go out afterwords, like we did – the only place you’ll be going is straight home to bed to rest the extra cow in your belly.

Hill Country

30 W26th St,

New York, NY
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