Number 28

I had the yummiest pizza the other night!

We saw a concert at Le Poisson Rouge (Katie Miller Heidke – look her up if you don’t know her) that didn’t finish till around 10 pm, so it was late and we needed somewhere to eat. We ended up just walking by No. 28 as it was literally one of the only places with a kitchen still open, we decided to grab pizza there.

N. 28 serves up it's amazing pizza margharita! (sorry bout image quality - another iPhone 'in the moment' snap!)

The pizzas are served in 3 sizes, a single size, a medium for 2 people and then the large for 3 or 4. What I got so excited about was the fact that they are a long oval shape, it reminded me of the most amazing pizza I’ve ever had in my life from a small restaurant by Lake Como in Italy. Plus, the dough was wood fired and crispy – it even had the bubbles in the crust you get when pizza is fresh from the oven!

I ordered the pizza with capers, olives (Sicilian), anchovies, mozzarella and mushrooms ($16) and the Bogan had a margarita with fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomato and basil.

No. 28 was one of those places that you randomly stumble over and end up being a gold mine… this is especially true when the leftovers taste just as good the next day!

Number 28

28 Carmine St,

New York, NY
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