Totto Ramen

I heard about this new ramen place in Hell’s Kitchen through Tasting Table and decided we (the Bogan and i), had to visit. We went mid-week and true to its write-up, there was a wait – but luckily with only 2 people, we were seated within 15 minutes.

I took pictures on my iPhone so it doesn’t do the food much justice, but can i just say…. these noodles are awesome! We are regulars of Noodle Bar in West Village, but i think Totto Ramen may have just one-upped them with their homemade noodles and delicious broth.

The fresh noodles were amazing

The restaurant is only small with a row of bar stools overlooking the chefs, and a few 4-seater tables. If you want to avoid the wait, come as a party of 1 or 2!

Totto Ramen seating at the bar

The back-of-house service of exemplary – the 2 noodle chefs served up our noodles right in front of us and on one occasion, turned to the couple next to me and apologized as the corn was taking a little long to cook. However, the front-of-house service was a little lacking – we had to ask 3 times before The Bogan’s saucer of extra HOT chilli was finally delivered and twice to get another beer.

Can't remember what my ramen was called, but looking back at this pic i could happily smash another bowl right now!

While i love chilli, i opted for one of their bowls without. This ramen was made with a chicken broth and served with pork and pork mince (approx $11). I believe that’s a dollop of miso on top (but not really sure), along with a marinated egg, shallots and bean sprouts. I also added the seasoned avocado ($1) because i thought this sounded intriguing, unfortunately it didn’t really taste like anything other than avocado.

The Bogan went for a bowl of the chilli ramen and whilst it wasn’t the hottest on the menu, it would have suited my taste buds – he, on the other hand, had to ask for a saucer of extra chilli and proceeded to add several lashings of it!

The Bogan had already started diving in before i got a chance to take a pic, so unfortunately the presentation is a little lost on the photo!

Totto Ramen is from the same folks behind Yakitori Totto and Soba Totto, as well as the newer branch Hide-Chan Ramen which also features a pork broth ramen (Totto Ramen dishes are all chicken stock based with one vegetarian based soup).

Totto Ramen is located at: 366 W52nd St, New York (between 8 & 9th Ave’s)
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