The Park

For some reason last week dragged on, MAJORLY! So when summer Friday came around and there was an email from my CEO sitting in my inbox saying we could take off early for the weekend, i was basically out the door. I messaged Bogan and told him i was taking him out for lunch when i got off at 2, his choice.

We ended up at The Park on 10th Ave between 17th and 18th streets. The restaurant originally caught my attention when we were walking along The Highline and could see the awesome rooftop that would be a great brunch spot on a sunny Sunday! However it turns out that they only use this for private functions and parties… what a waste! Anyway, we sat downstairs in the courtyard that opens up onto the street. The atmosphere of this restaurant is great with nice, relaxing interior design… however we found that is didn’t quite make up for what it’s lacking in food and service.

I had a glass of wine, Justin beer – each $8. We shared the portabello mushroom frites ($8) first, served with a spicy aioli. They came out as 4 fat wedges of mushroom, crumbed and fried – the crisp shell worked well with the soft juicy mushroom inside and dunked in aioli… off to a good start!

Calamari and frisee salad at The Park

As it was lunch i was feeling like something light and ordered the calamari and frisee salad ($12). Unfortunately i was expecting freshly grilled calamari and a nice fresh dressing, but instead it was fried calamari with cabbage, frisee and some honey dressing i couldn’t even taste. I had to ask for extra of the spicy aioli that came with the portabello mushrooms to dip the calamari in, it was just dry!

The Park Burger

Bogan had a burger with avocado and Gruyere cheese ($11, plus $1 for each extra). His burger wasn’t anything to write home about, they basically delivered on the basics and offered nothing extra. The patty was a little thinner than usual, but at least the cooked it to the correct temperature, medium-rare. It has lettuce, red onion and tomato on the side – along with the avocado and melted Gruyere. The fries were good, though, with some sprigs of rosemary mixed through.

All in all, lunch came to about $61, before tip (including and extra bottle of beer we ordered when we could finally get the servers attention). I wouldn’t go back in a hurry – the experience was fine, but nothing overwhelming.


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