The Meatball Shop

The Meatball Shop is REALLY good fun. Cheap, yum and fun! We rocked up after we’d been wandering around Lower East Side after a few (too many) drinks at Iggy’s Pub around the corner. I’d read about it and the place was full, with a few mingling outside as they waited for a table. We were lucky, we decided to go in and get a drink at the bar while we waited for a table and then the crowd in front left so we sat at the bar and ate. The bar guy handed us a menu and a marker and we ticked our boxes! Between 2 we shared 3 sliders ($3 each) to try the different meatballs – pork, beef and the lamb special with walnuts and raisins. Then we selected our sauces – spicy meat, mushroom and tomato – we skipped on the Parmesan sauce! We also shared a hero with beef meatballs, tomato sauce and provolone on wholewheat baguette ($9) and a market salad of cabbage, capers, lemon and parsley ($4). this was a solid feed and the novelty of checking the boxes for your order – choosing the meatballs, sauce, cheese and bun is great!

We will definitely be returning for late night feeds after a few drinks – the only thing is next time we’ll be making a big effort to leave room for dessert – the ice cream sandwiches looked awesome (4 cookie flavors & ice cream varieties to choose from)!!!


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