Garage has 3 very cool things going for it – live music, all-you-can-drink drinks and friendly service!

On a rainy summer Sunday, some friends and I walked out of the Christopher St subway in search of brunch – conveniently we stumbled across this restaurant/bar right next door.

We sat inside where it has a dark and cosy atmosphere and not long after sitting the afternoon’s entertainment started up, jazz!

The food was good, not great for the price, but certainly the entertainment and service made it worthwhile – not to mention the relaxing surrounds. I ordered the Tuna burger (medium-rare) which consisted of freshly ground tuna, wasabi mayo, bun and green side salad ($15.95). Unfortunately it wasn’t accompanied by any usual burger fillers – tomato, lettuce, onion and i’d have to say the burger was closer to medium than rare, but had not other aspects of the experience not overcompensated for what the food was lacking, i wouldn’t be recommending it.

Friends ordered the burgers, omelet, quesadia and eggs benedict. From what i saw i’d have to saw the eggs look most impressive, the burger least which came out of the kitchen missing cheese and fries!

For $6 extra you can order all-you-can-drink Mimosas, Screwdrivers or Bloody Mary’s for an hour – definitely worthwhile, particularly if you’re with a group of friends!


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