Spring into Spice Diary

With new seasons come new taste sensations and as 2008 rolls into the warmer months, so to does our taste for refreshing, lighter foods like melons, mint and barbeque meats. It’s a fantastic time of year and you can sense the city come to life as everyone sheds the extra layers and the smell of coconut creams and sea water wafts from balmy bar crowds on hot evenings. Our appetite for crisp cocktails and cold drinks adjusts as easily as wacking on a new set of thongs and the increased air temperature seems to bring with it a yearning to socialise. As this sizzling-season phenonomen kicks in, the Spice Diary blog will attempt to keep up with new tastes and desires in the form of food and bar reviews around Sydney, as well as new inspiring recipes, to make sure this summer is a tantalising and orally-orgasmic as ever!

So raise you champagne flute to the spring fever and Sydney in summer – It should be a cracker of a season.


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